On October 19, 2021 AUSMUN held the United Nations Day event via Zoom platform with Officer at UNCHR at the UN Refugee Agency Bisan Salameh. UN day marks the breakthrough into force of the UN Charter and how the United Nations came to exist in 1945.

The event began with a display of two videos one of them being an eye-opening poem “What They Took with Them,” a poem by Jenifer Toksvig that sends a message to those attending and the world about refugees and what they left with; children, families--they left with their smiles, and with their lives, and the poem only gets deeper onwards. The video was made by the UNHCR to raise awareness on this issue and to push people to donate to help refugees all over the world.

The guest speaker, Bisan Salameh, was introduced to all attendees and shared some key points about herself, whereas she has more than ten years of experience helping implement diverse projects, is part of the UN refugee agency, as well as an associate private secret partnership officer at UNHCR.

Salameh further discussed how she is often approached by many students asking her how they can contribute and help refugees, where she said it is rather difficult for students to help; nonetheless, she suggested running campaigns to encourage students to donate to refugees and donations can be made through online platforms or in-person at booths in malls or areas with vast numbers of people where awareness spreads more.

Following that, there was a question-and-answer session in which Salameh answered with complete precision and perfection. Multiple questions were asked but one question that intrigued all attendees was if it is possible to donate physical items and goods at the booths that will open in malls or such areas, and if possible, what are the most useful items that can be donated. To which Salameh answered by giving an example of how donations work and expressed that monetary donation are much better than physical donations, as the UN can allocate money to specific essentials while also supporting local sellers.

Overall, the event helped raise awareness regarding the situation of refugees, what they go through, how to help them, and what the UN is doing for them. It was an eye-opening event that made all attendees curious on the matter and provided various questions so they can learn more and more.

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