A Halloween Intertwined with Peace

Halloween is a time for trick or treat, pumpkin carvings, huge feasts but most importantly dressing up. The trademark of the festival is children and adults alike dressed up in different costumes, an opportunity to manifest your spooky potential and unleash your creativity. However, it is certainly not the calmest of festivals. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the impact that Halloween costumes have on a child’s mindset. Therefore, parents and organizations are gravitating towards non-violent costumes. Peace Child International, an NGO with ECOSOC status at the UN, has also provided recommendations for costumes that emphasize a peaceful world. Halloween should be a meaningful celebration of children's freedom, where children adorn positivity and look up to characters with a power for good, not evil. Love, harmony, peace, trust, non-violence and intellect are all characteristics of the costumes that empower and teach children valuable lessons in the most interesting and appealing ways. Therefore, a child should definitely have the opportunity to express themselves, but it is always recommended that they do so with pride and a sense of curiosity and exploration towards who they are, and let go of negative feelings and attitudes that seem to influence Halloween.

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