Photos taken by Aniket Rajesh

As the tasks and duties of the upcoming conference are approaching, we took the opportunity to unwind one last time during our annual AUSMUN Barbecue, held Nov. 25 on campus. Amongst the frenzy of games, endless conversations, and insistent clamoring for the steady supply of kebabs, we got to know members of our organizing teams as well as students from across AUS. Professors, students, and staff enjoyed a delicious spread of barbecued chicken, mutton, and beef. People munched on smores and biscuits as they waited in line for their meals.

Taken by Aniket Rajesh

The event featured a ‘Netflix Specials’ themed games, which included popular shows such as “Money Heist,” “Friends,” and “Brooklyn 99.” People enjoyed a variety of interactive games, including “Halal Pong,” “Jeopardy,” and “Darts.”

The incontestable success was the “Chubby-Bunny challenge,” which awakened people’s inner child as they tried to speak with a mouthful of marshmallows. The “Blindfold Taste Test” game induced laughter and surprise, as clueless participants struggled to differentiate between sauces and condiments.

Taken by Aniket Rajesh

The event also had a live singing performance that set the mood for our Netflix-themed extravaganza.

Here’s hoping that our future events turn out to be as successful as this one.

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