Moving moments from the Secretary-General’s speech

UNIVERSITY CITY – Secretary-General Natasha Nazi shared her personal experience and acknowledged her women colleagues’ efforts in a speech Feb. 22 at the American University of Sharjah’s 12th annual Model United Nations opening ceremony.

After thanking “every person present” and her colleagues who supported her even when her ideas were “crazy,” Nazi shared her five-years-long experience with AUSMUN.

Reflecting on her freshman year, she said that she was unsure whether being part of such an organization would suit her but she found that it was precisely her “fit.”

Nazi then extended a special thanks to all the women who were not represented on stage including Dr. Jeniece Lusk, Ghazal Hijazi, and the Executive Board members.

She said she is regretful her aspirations to have everyone represented were not “realized.”

Nazi opened the ceremony saying, “I take pride in introducing an event that is truly based on student effort.”

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