7 Years

It's been 7 years

Seven years of hurting

Seven years of bleeding

Seven years of losing

On and on

And then repeat

A ravaged indestructible war that knocked on every door and passed by every street

Turned every nook and cranny

Leaving a mark, a scar on each beautiful soul

Sometimes too deep to heal

It broke us apart, scattered and divided

No more do I return every summer

No more can I walk in her streets without worry

No more can I be proud of my country

She is unrecognizable, her cities torn and her rivers stained red

War has become her normality

She sleeps to the sounds of bombs dropping on her cities and wakes to less life every day

Electricity,water, food

All basic necessities yet very scarce

Each city, village, town is different

Some areas destroyed so perfectly that it can only be described as a nightmare;

a living breathing nightmare

And other areas untouched yet tortured

She is a mess, a big fat mess

And no words said nor heard can truly describe what she has been through

*Is still going through

Nerves have been left on edge for too long they have ceased to exist

"Soon" her children whisper

"Soon it will end"

That is all they can say to keep themselves from perishing

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