3 + 3 = 6

July 9, 2016

“Sometimes it is better to avoid facts” I heard my mother say after continuous terrorist attacks and a series of unpleasant news regarding people killing their own parents and siblings. For few hours after the last terrorist attack in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), I sat down to think if this would ever stop. There had been enough blood flowing on the grounds that can make someone think that the soil learned to drink blood instead of water in order to flourish.


I started reading but as soon as I did, I felt trapped within numerous facts but distant from the one that actually holds the answers. I got the urge to ask my father about the whole thing but I already knew his answer, “avoid politics, it is a heartache.” He is absolutely right, you do not have to be an expert to see that. However, sometimes in life you have to cross an unpleasant mile to reach the truth.


Well, I attempted to walk that mile since I am just a beginner. I tried to read and analyze but the further I go the more complicated it gets. I asked a lot of questions that led me to nowhere, until I decided to ask my father. Why do horrid things keep on happening? As basic as this question is, he told me, “Maitha, 3+3= 6 and this is what causes every single conflict in this world.”


You see, the possibilities are endless 3+3 can be not 7, or it can be an addition equation, not a multiplication one, or it could even be prime numbers instead of composite numbers. Yet, we choose to focus on one fact which is 3+3= 6 and that is what has been going on in this world for so long.


They focused on wars, discrimination or even hate under the name of religion and they forgot about love or the fact that there are innumerable ways that show us that this world has enough space, sources and most importantly, enough love that can hold every single person on the grounds.


I am not an expert but I know that this is the right time to teach the future generations and ourselves that 3+3 = 6 is only one fact but the truth is 3+3 = everything is possible.

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