What you hate so do we, no one hates better than us, one shall rise and one shall fall, which is which, an answer remains to the wall, a mystery can only be solved by another mystery, a misfit should or a misfit shouldn’t, that remains the misery, I thought of you as a wise fellow, one that should be cast to the willow, tragic magic is what we fear, use of logic that we preach, solve or not solve, that’s the question asked in order to evolve.

Life. As humans we’re never gonna have it all figured out. That’s what the journey is for. To mess up, learn, grow, and see the world through a new lens. And then repeat the cycle. It’s all about seeing your surroundings from different perspectives. Falling in love with the idea of uniqueness. Meeting new faces, opening your mind to new ideas. If we had it all figured out, what would be the point? That wouldn’t be much fun after all!

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