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AUSMUN Ambassador Program 2022-2023

The Ambassador Program

It is a great pleasure to announce that we are launching our most awaited AUSMUN Ambassador Program for the academic year 2022-2023! This program will offer high school and university students the opportunity to serve as AUSMUN ambassadors. Student ambassadors will act as a bridge between the AUSMUN 2023 Executive Board and their respective institutions. This program is an opportunity to get first-hand experience in organizing our conference.


Please note that every registered institution is entitled to have one ambassador only as part of their delegation.


Check out the criteria below to see if you qualify.


Each student ambassador needs to be:

- Currently studying in Grade 10 or above.

- Be familiar with MUN [previous experience with conference participation is preferred, but not mandatory].

- An outspoken individual with potential leadership qualities.

What are the benefits of being selected for the AUSMUN Ambassador Program?

- Participating in the conference free of charge.

- Receiving a certificate of appreciation.

- Having their picture posted under the Ambassador Program section of our website.

What are the responsibilities a student will undertake as an Ambassador?

- Promoting AUSMUN 2023 to their institution.

- Assisting the faculty advisor(s) or head delegate(s) with conference registration.

- Communicating students’ queries and suggestions as well as voicing any concerns about the conference.

- Attending mandatory virtual meetings as requested by the Executive Board. 

*Voluntary consent is required

The AUSMUN 2023 Executive Board will be responsible for assigning tasks to every ambassador throughout the program. Each ambassador will be required to report their progress to a designated representative from the AUSMUN 2023 Executive Board.


All student ambassadors will be selected by their respective faculty advisors. Thus, interested students are encouraged to contact their faculty advisors no later than November 17, 2022.

For any queries, please email


We are excited to have you onboard our Ambassador Program! Good luck to all our future ambassadors!

*Please note that the Ambassador cannot be the only student representing the institution. Ambassador's need to be part of a registered delegation with at least one other delegate.

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