Committees and Topics
General Assembly:
General Assembly 1 (GA1): Disarmament and International Security

1. Threats to Global Security from Stockpiling and Testing Nuclear Weapons

2. The Proliferation and Possible Regulations of Private Military Contractors

General Assembly 4 (GA4): Special Political and Decolonization

1. Improving Democratic Governance and Democratic Institutions

2. Assessing the Effectiveness of Peacekeeping Operations

Peace & Security:

United Nations Security Council  University/High School (UNSC-UNI/HS)

1. Addressing the Issue of Political Uprisings in China

2. The Question of Afghanistan


United Nations Security Council – High School (UNSC-HS)

1. Addressing the Increasing Tensions in the Korean Peninsula

2. The Question of Tigray

International Court of Justice (ICJ)

1. The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia

2. Iranian Assets and Disputes based on the Treaty of Amity, Economic Relations and Consular Rights (U.S. vs Iran)

Economic & Social:

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

1. Preventing Violent  Extremism through Inclusive Development, Tolerance, and Respect for Diversity

2. Improving Living Conditions in Central America’s Northern Triangle


United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF)

1. Increasing Equitable Access to Education for Children

with Disabilities

2. Mitigating Child Labor in Poverty Struck Areas

United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)

1. Abating Global Racial Violence

2. Tackling the Issue of Honor Killings of Women

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

1. Combating, Preventing, and Regulating Illicit Trafficking of Wildlife, Forests, and Protected Flora

2. Tackling the Environmental Impact by Primary Sector Industries 

Special Committees:

Historic Security Council

1. The Question of Jammu and Kashmir (Freeze date: 27 February 1951) 

2. The Korean War (Freeze date: 27 February 1951)

Arab League 

1. The Renaissance Dam of Ethiopia

2. Foreign Intervention of Turkey in the Middle East