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Committees and Topics
General Assembly:
General Assembly 1 (GA1): Disarmament and International Security 

1. Militarization of Outer Space and the Possibility of a Space Arms Race

2. Gun Control Policies: Effective or a Hindrance

General Assembly 2 (GA2): Economic and Financial Committee

1. The Future of Digital Currencies

2. The Economic Impact of SDG's in Combatting Climate  Change

General Assembly 3 (GA3): Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Issues

1. Safeguarding Human Rights of Displaced Ukrainians

2. The Children of Afghanistan 

General Assembly 4 (GA4): Special Political and Decolonization

1.Peacekeeping Missions in Africa: Are they working?

2. The Question of Sri Lanka 

Peace & Security:

United Nations Security Council  University (UNSC-U) (

1. Maritime Security in Managing Rising Weapons Trafficking in High Risk Areas

2. Drug trafficking in West Africa


United Nations Security Council – High School (UNSC-HS)

1. Effectiveness of SC in Ukraine Russia crisis

2. Peace in the Middle East: Turkey and Iraq

International Court of Justice (ICJ)

1. Alleged Violations of Sovereign Rights and Maritime Spaces in the Caribbean Sea (Nicaragua v. Colombia)

2. Armed Activities on the Territory of the Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo v. Uganda)

Economic & Social:

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

1. The Effectiveness of SDG's on Ending Poverty

2. Threats to Human Security in the Anthropocene

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

1. Popularization of Vape Amongst Young Adults

2. Environmental Impacts of Illicit Drugs

*Double delegations are open only for General Assemblies 


United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF)

1. Accessibility of Vaccines for Children in Developing Countries

2. Empowerment of Youth in Conflict Ridden Areas

United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)

1. The Rights of People of Determination

2. Extrajudicial Executions on the Rise in South Sudan’s Warrap State

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

1. Ukraine Emergency 

2. Assessing the Health Standards in Refugee Camps

Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

1. Gender Segregation in Educational Institutions

2. Are Reproductive Rights Human Rights?


United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

1. Wildfires: The Rising Threat of Extraordinary Landscape Fires

2. War & Conflict: A Cause of Environmental Crisis?

World Health Organization (WHO)

1. Monkeypox: The New COVID-19?

2. Framework of Collaboration of UN Agencies to Prevent Future Pandemics

Special Committees:

Peacebuilding Commission (PBC)

1. The Critical Role of Young Adults in peacebuilding  missions

2. Accountability of Peacekeepers Misconduct

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

1. The Question of Global Nuclear Disarmament

2. Iran & The Middle East

Arab League (English)

1. The Repatriation of Arab Refugees

2. Lebanon: A Global Crisis

جامعة الدول العربية

١. عودة اللاجئين العرب

٢. لبنان: أزمة عالمية


لجنة وضع المرأة

١. الفصل بين الجنسين في المؤسسات التعليمية

٢. هل الحقوق الإنجابية حقوق إنسان؟

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